Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's device with which the user accessed the site. On re-visit the site provider can access data on the user's device, which were collected by using cookies.

Web site uses three types of cookies.

Setup cookies:
Web site can use it to remember information about your visit, such as the language chosen, the last broadcast channel, automatic login and other settings. With this data can be your next visit to our site more useful and user-friendly.

Session cookies:
This cookie is established at user logon and enables smooth playback of music.

Analytical cookies:
In addition to cookies that enhance the user experience website uses Google Analytics analysis cookies. These cookies are used only for purposes of our own so we can monitor aggregate statistics of visits to our site. This also improves the user experience because it relies on measuring the number of visits to adapt our server infrastructure and thus enable subscribers uninterrupted music playback.

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